About us

We love wines, travels and wordpress. So it seemed natural to us to write a blog about the wines of the world.

Matthias Wulkow, the brain

Matthias, a native Saarlander, navigates between French, German and South African cultures. He also navigates on the internet, which makes him the technical boss of vinsdumonde.blog.

His favourite wines? Burgundy pinots noirs (his French side), Stellenbosch cabernets sauvignon (his German side) 🙂

Always full of bright ideas, some of them fade away once the effects of the wine have dissipated. Others remain. These are generally the good ones.

contact: matthias@vinsdumonde.blog

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François Potevin, the feather

Francois is of Cognac origin and Bordeaux influence. Raised in the vineyards and smells of distillation, he fell into the merlot marmitte as a teenager.

What happened to make him take the opposite side of his roots today and decide to promote Burgundy and wines of the world by founding vinsdumonde.blog?

Travels, meetings, tastings and probably a bit of provocation 🙂

contact: francois@vinsdumonde.blog

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