The taste of wine travels

Frenchies have the reputation of being proud of their wines and despising foreign wines. The truth is actually more complex!

According to official figures, foreign wine importations in France are steadily growing by more than 5% per year. This dynamic applies as much to european wines as it does to the wines of the new world! And the trend is not only volume-driven but also shows an increasing interest for high value foreign wines.

What if behind the pride they take in their local wines, Frenchies would secretly be attracted to the wines of the world? When traveling abroad for tourism or business, french people like to discover new vineyards. When back home, backpackers and businessmen become the best ambassadors of wines of the world!

So is the mission of We like to help french wine lovers discover international vineyards. On the other way around, our mission also consists in helping wine-growers from all over the world get their wines known in France.

New : our services ! gives online visibility to wine professionals from all over the world.

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